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XAMthone Plus | Welcome, Thank You for visiting Our Site of Pondok Sehat Al-Wahida, www.xamthoneplus.us. We are from Pondok Sehat Al-Wahida is one of the many thousands of herbal and traditional cottage in the middle of the community in Indonesia that serves natural medicine, herbal, and traditional. Where one of the herbal medicine to help us in healing process of patients, That is XAMthone Plus. Herbal Medicine which made out from domination skin of mangosteen fruit, very efficacious in helping the healing process of disease-mild disease nor severe diseases. Influence both the most popular and widely discussed among the medical world of herbal medicine is cell regeneration. This is due to the anti-oxidant content is very high. This high content is not held in the other fruits. Its comparison, 30 ml XAMthone Plus = 10 kg apples. This high content of anti oxidants which very rapid effect in the regeneration of cells in the body, so it can accelerate the healing of any disease.

Pondok Sehat Al-Wahida is as provider XAMthone Plus, and the physician is Lewang Sunaryo Hadi, S.Pd., CH. CHT. or popularly called Tabib WANG. Addressed in Jl. Raya Ngoro – Kandangan, Katerban, Pulorejo, Ngoro, Jombang. We have experienced in the world of natural health for over 12 years of trying in the midst of society into one that helps the public health institutions in the natural treatment. With Our long experience, insha Allah, the diseases you will be able to later analysis we will find a solution.

We opened the service and sales Herbal medicine is Online to all parts of Indonesia and the World. Consult first before buying, about illness you and how later the process of its cure. Please Contact Us as soon as possible.

Ministry of treatment who We open are the therapy, potions, herbal, spiritual, cupping, as well as the ruqyah. Please Consult about your illness and how the healing process, before you come to the cottage we, or buy our herbal medicines. Please Contact Us as soon as possible, Insha Allah, your disease will be in the analysis, through which there are symptoms, then the solution will be found.

We Hope, After you recover when treated with Our herbal medicine, you become a Agent in the area you live, so that sick people around you, can also enjoy the healing and health as you or your family. We will give discounts to you when you first pick up the package purchase agent or member. Detail price, you can see on the right side of this site.

For Ordering, Consultation, and Registering Member of XAMthone Plus, Please Contact Us by:

  • YM: tabibwang@yahoo.co.id
  • email: tabibwang@gmail.com
  • PIN BB: 22C6 779B

We hope your coming to our website is to bring family, friends, relatives, your brothers and your on top of health and healing Permission of Allah SWT, Almighty God. Ameen. The Solutions for Health and Heal, That is XAMthone Plus.