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the quickest fruit lowering Cholesterol

from pondo kesehat – Cholesterol-lowering the quickest fruit – mostly due to Cholesterol diet and unhealthy lifestyle, love to consume fast food, instant food, drink alcoholic minumban, lazy to exercise. It all is the behavior of people living today, it might have been a trend among certain circles. (Read also: traditional medicinal herbs high cholesterol Bay leaves) Cholesterol is a chronic disease that may pose a risk to other diseases.. Read More

The importance of Kesehatan and beauty for a woman in life

As a woman’s appearance is very important to note. Women themselves are indeed destined as the most beautiful of God’s creatures, so it is unfortunate if the beauty given it is not cared for properly. Actual health is important to everyone, but health and beauty is more important to women. Why is this so? Women have many important organs that are more vulnerable to various attacks of diseases such as.. Read More

Make Hair Healthy with Natural Ingridients

Make Hair Healthy with Natural Ingridients Chop the coconut, green, young, and prepare the salt kitchen. Shredded coconut without the skin using the tool (go to market), after that mixed with a little salt. Stir, squash mixture, tampung water and freeze overnight. Use water the results squished to berkeramas for seven days in a row. Make Hair Healthy with Natural Ingridients 5. Leaf Flower Shoes Someone called Ashadi claims to.. Read More

15 symptoms and traits affected by Allergies

15 symptoms and traits affected by Allergies Basically an allergy is the immune system response to excessive a antigens (substances or particles of allergens) that are considered harmful to the body giving rise to specific symptoms. Therefore allergy, also known by the term hipersensitifitas. When our immune system starts to fight allergens, it typically does not create any danger, but if the reaction is excessive, then the timbullan allergy symptoms… Read More