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snorkeling on the shores of the bunake

If you don’t dare do the dive, alternative the other is to do the snorkeling on the shores around the island of Bunaken. Location quite shallow because less than 1.5 meters kedalamannya. So for those who can’t swim can still enjoy the beauty of the park sea exotic that difavoritekan tourists. But make sure you don’t step on the coral reefs and the biota of the sea under it to.. Read More

The Hill Moko Romantic place

The Hill Moko Romantic Floating Market Lembang. A place tour is unique and full of Phenomena in the area Lembang, Bandung. The sensation of shopping in the water is offered here. If you ever scour the market people in the river-a river in Borneo, then the Floating Market it’s trying to represent kemeriahan same, with the concept of berwisata. You can buy food dijajakan or play a dinghy in the.. Read More