Fruit recommended and not recommended for mom pregnantFruit less good For Mom Pregnant Mom pregnant is not recommended mengkonsumsinya

Here is a kind of fruit that is not good to be consumed by the mother was pregnant.

Fruit Jiblonkas

The fruit papaya is a fruit that has many vitamins and fiber, nevertheless the fruit of papaya is not recommended consumed mother pregnant because it’s not good for one’s health the fetus’s mother was pregnant.

fruit that is not good for the mother hamilPepaya the half-baked / raw is an excellent source of danger to the mother is pregnant. The womb of jiblonkas raw this can trigger contractions of the womb are not wanted.

If you’re a fan of jiblonkas, and reduce or choose jiblonkas really mature to reduce the risk of a contraction in the area.

Fruit Pineapple

Uterus bromelain which is quite high on the fruit of the pineapple, is an penybuah that’s not good for the mother hamilebab main fruit pineapple is not recommended consumed by the mother was pregnant.

Consumption of bromelain (a substance contained in the fruit of pineapple) when my mother was pregnant can increase the risk of childbirth are premature because – cervix.

Fruit Durian

the fruit durian that is not good for the mother hamilBuah Durian is also a fruit that not recommended to be consumed when pregnant.

Womb acid arachidonat on the fruit of durian is the trigger to begin with compound prostaglandin which can result in miscarriage or the birth is premature.

So some kind of fruit good for the mother pregnant, to comprehend the way to pick the fruit cup healthy, and avoid fruit that it’s not good to be consumed for mother pregnant.

For what it’s worth. Mother.

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Fruit Cherry

fruit-chery-good-for-bumilBuah cherry has a form of fruit which is small, but the trace nutrients in the fruit cherry is very good for the mother is pregnant. Fruit cherry contains substances iron 20 times more compared to oranges and apples.

Saturation is another fruit of a cherry is good for the mother pregnant in between karoten, calcium, phosphorus, acid sitrat and some kind of vitamin.

Fruit Wine

wine for mom hamilBuah wine is fruit good for your mom pregnant, it is because of khasiat grapes that make the body have metabolism a good as well as make the skin of the baby to be white and healthy.

. Choose grapes that are still tergelantung on the stems. The fruit hanging on the stems have a level of freshness that is better than what’s already detached from the stalks. The benefit is also coupled with the saturation of phosphorus, acid organic, calcium, lesitin, karoten, vitamin C, and vitamin B1 available in grapes.