Guarantee Terms XAMthone Plus

Money Back Guarantee Terms

ketentuan garansi

We came to the Service Group (SG) Us:

  1. Willing to tell the health of patients, relatives, neighbors, parents, or himself in full before making a purchase XAMthone Plus.
  2. Plus XAMthone purchase of 12 bottles for 21 days with a total price of Rp. 2.76 million, –
  3. Attach a copy of the identity (ID card or driver’s license) and a copy of proof of testimony from doctors about the disease being in pain, and after eating.
  4. Getting the Money Back Guarantee Card, Save the Good.
  5. Warranty card is valid if sent back to headquarters XAMthone Plus within 3 (three) days after the purchase XAMthone Plus.
  6. Guarantee applies by sending back the product and proof of a product that has been empty kemasang in consumption and show the warranty card.
  7. In the healing process will follow the rules of taking the recommended 50ml three times a day (morning, noon and night).
  8. Money back guarantee and a 10% cut in administrative costs from the amount of Rp. 2.76 million, –
  9. The guarantee only applies to five major diseases that are difficult to cure, namely: HIV / AIDS, Cancer, Heart, Diabetes, and Stroke.

Ketentuan Garansi