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Magazine Poster: Wonders of Mangosteen Skin – French paradox, that the term popular among nutritionists about the habits of the French drink red wine. Communities in the mode known as the consumer of fat is the highest compared to other European populations. However, the prevalence of heart disease is the most low. The phenomenon was thoroughly investigated until finally emerging conclusion: the French habit of sitting in café, drinking red wine into the cause of the erosion risk of heart attack, despite the abundance of fat consumption.

Magazine Poster – Red wine is a lifesaver because they contain polyphenols. Compounds that are found in various fruits, like blueberries, blackberries, apples, melons, pears, and grapes that have antioxidant activity that plays a role flex coronary arteries. Alcohol relaxes the arteries are, still not as much as the combination of alcohol and polyphenols, such as those in red wine.

Magazine Poster – French paradox in the opposite direction with the story of Garcinia mangostana mangosteen peel. Red wine in France to take the daily menu since ancient times, making the drinker feel the impact directly. While mangosteen-planting in some centers are centuries-long and up to now, only known as fresh fruit. Wasted his skin, but skin as it contains polyphenols in red wine. He was able to flex the heart arteries.

Poster Magazine – However, the benefit is useless buried for hundreds of years. Ancient times in China mangosteen peel is sometimes used as a cure diarrhea. It certainly was not worth the extraordinary properties: tough fighter to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and a host of other degenerative diseases.

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Chinese medicine is thousands of years old already pioneered the use of mangosteen skin to ward off certain diseases. In Thailand and the Philippines, mangosteen peel commonly used to treat dysentery and skin infections. In Caribbean and Latin America, mangosteen fruit is consumed as a tea plant stamina; in Brazil, for digestive problems. The people of India put on the mangosteen skin dry flour to overcome dysentery, wounds, ulcers, and ulcer.

Poster Magazine – The Japanese know the leaves and stems of mangosteen peel as herbal anti-inflammatory effect. He often used to treat eczema and other skin diseases like psoriasis. In Venezuela, mangosteen peel is used to treat skin infections caused by parasites.

Poster Magazine – Laurent Garcin, a French explorer berkebangsaaan forests gave the name Garcinia mangostana in the 16th century, probably did not expect the findings to have greater benefits than the ancient knowledge. It began in April 1993 when Munekazu Iinuma mangosteen peel collect from various centers in Indonesia. Mangosteen skin was then flown to the Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan.

Poster Magazine – Over there, by Kenji Matsumoto and his colleagues, including Munekazu Iinuma, some 2.7 kg of dried mangosteen peel extracted with hexane, benzene, acetone, and alcohol 70%. Extraction yield 6 xanthone derivatives: a-mangostin, mangostin b-, g-mangostin, mangostinone, garcinone E, and 2-isoprenyl-1 0.7-dihydroxy-3-methoxyxanthone.

Poster Magazine – Next they took a number of causes of leukemia cells, such as HL60, K562, NB4, and U937 from the Riken Cell Bank, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. It causes cancer cells cultured leukemia and xanthone compounds were dissolved in culture. The result proved that a-mangostin triggers apoptosis of leukemia cells.

Poster Magazine – Kenji Matsumoto’s results seemed to be triggered worldwide scientific attention on the mangosteen. Five months after the study Kenji Matsumoto, in Switzerland there are studies that prove, a potent xanthone depression. The next one after the research results in various countries are mutually reinforcing effects of xanthone as a drug. In Taiwan, for example, in May 1996 conducted two different studies. One study proved the efficacy of xanthone overcome depression; other studies, anticancer.

Poster Magazine – Three following research conducted in Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan, and Oregon, the United States in the period 1996-1997. Another result is: research in Kaohsiung prove antithrombotik xanthone compounds, it is important to address heart disease and stroke. Xanthones relaxes blood vessels to the heart, it’s important for people with heart disease.

Poster Magazine – In Oregon, a potent xanthone for malaria. Furthermore, in the period 1997-2004, there were at least 24 studies of xanthone in mangosteen peel performed in various parts of the world. The results are diverse, among others, useful to overcome diabetes mellitus, arthritis, breast cancer, and tuberculosis.

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The greatness of mangosteen peel did not escape the attention of researchers in Indonesia. According to Dr Agung Nugroho Endro MSi Apt, mangosteen peel contains 50 xanthone compounds. Xanthones are bioflavonoids which are antioxidants, antibacterial, allergenic, anti-tumor, antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory. Active biological molecule has six carbon ring structure and double carbon skeleton, making it very stable. In nature there are 200 types of xanthone, some 50 of which were found in the skin of the mangosteen.

Poster Magazine – The most pharmacologic effects are alfamangostin, betamangostin, and garcinon-E. Penumpas protagonist of cancer cells is and garcinon alfamangostin-E. Both inhibit cancer cell proliferation by activating the enzyme caspase 3 and 9, which triggers apoptosis or cancer cell suicide program. Alfamangostin also activate the immune system by stimulating natural killer cells in charge of killing cancer cells and viruses.

Poster magazine – along with gammamangostin Mangostin acts as an antioxidant that can prevent HIV-1 activity. Increased thanks to the antioxidant immune, then the virus that causes HIV / AIDS was hampered its development. Xanthones in mangosteen peel has a high level of antioxidants. Antioxidant content of mangosteen peel carrots 66.7 times and 8.3 times the orange peel. As an antioxidant, xanthone has a hydroxide group that effectively scavenge free radicals cause damage to body cells. In particular, the hydroxide groups on the xanthone immense, 17000-20000, Whereas the oxygen radical ansorbance capacity (ORAC) sources of other antioxidants, such as wine, only 1,100.

Poster Magazine – For people with heart disease, the findings of pharmacological benefits mangosteen peel like appearance of a glimmer of light in the darkness. Imagine, that cardiovascular disease is relatively expensive cost if addressed by modern medicine, can be overcome by the skin of the mangosteen. The results from the Department of Pharmacy, University Dachriyanus Andalas show, mangosteen peel extract lowers cholesterol levels of mice at various doses. Cause, alfamangostin increase the activity of the enzyme lipoprotein lipase to hydrolyze low density lipoproteins into fatty acids and glycerol. LDL decreased, HDL increased. In addition, blood vessels were more flexible.

Poster Magazine – For the high level of antioxidants, mangosteen xanthone from the skin to increase endurance, control the degenerative disease, such as arthritis, osteoartristis, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, and hypertension. As a fruit that contains allergenic compounds, mangosteen peel is suitable for counteracting various allergies. Also recorded diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, migraine, depression as a disease that can be addressed by skin mangosteen.

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Pharmacological benefits of mangosteen peel seems too much, but that the results of research by various institutions in 12 countries, 4 continents. Testimonies of healing diseases because of drinking mangosteen juice skin scattered in cyberspace. Mangosteen is a magic panacea deadly disease conquerors. No wonder if in the Caribbean he’s called The Food of God.

Poster magazine – now circulating in the market of different brands of skin mangosteen juice. Nevertheless, the actual properties of mangosteen peel can be picked up with cultivate their own way. The trick is simple: wash fruit peel, then cut into pieces 2 eggs skin. Further cuts in 4 cups boiling water, so the remaining 2 cups. Boiled distilled water that is drunk regularly 2-3 times a day.

Poster Magazine – a simple recipe proposed Sidik Prof Dr Apt, a professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Padjadjaran it can be developed again, mimicking the way the herbalist. Mangosteen peel washed, cut into pieces, then dried in the sun until dry, finely ground into powder before.

Poster Magazine – So, what the mangosteen fruit for consumption as traditional medicine? Ripe fruit may be, half-ripe fruit is not a problem, the raw fruit can be used as steeping. Similarly, a sort of fruit that do not qualify to be sold as table fruit can also be utilized. Since the fruit was one month after anthesis, already containing xanthone mangosteen peel. So, immediately take advantage of the mangosteen skin that had been wasted, so that mangostin appears paradoxical, as happened in France with red wine and french paradox.
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