Raising Goats And Sheep

guide way of raising cattle goat sheep milk pedaging natural nusantara poc nasa hormonik viternaA. Introduction

Pattern farm goat and sheep cut or pedaging in Indonesia mostly still berskala small so have to strived in more intensive. Pertambahan people high in Indonesia, coupled with ever more increasing power to buy the public cause needs meat for this belim cover this request. Production in the country for meat just reached ± 400.000 tons/year, so up to this time still have to rely on imported meat.

For that PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA with the principle of K-3 (a quantity, Quality and Health) went to great lengths to menbantu increase raising goats and sheep cut up with a target target tercapainya increase in quality and a quantity of meat.
Raising Goats And Sheep that Ready for Sell and Aqiqah
B. Penggemukan
Penggemukan a goat Kambing murah bali or a sheep is an activity maintenance of the goat or sheep grown before in the skinny next improved west the body through the process of magnification of meat within 3-5 months.

C. these Kinds of goat’s and sheep cut
a) the Goat beans
Description is the small and relatively short, the ears short and straight, manly and female have horns, the neck short and the back high, the color of the fur vary, there are black, brown, red or stripes black-white.
b) Goat half-breed Etawa (PE)
Primary target of a goat PE essentially is a manufacturer of milk, but can be used also as a manufacturer of meat, especially after the afkir. Description of goat this is part of the nose to the top curved, the length of the ears between 15-30 cm, hang down and a little stiff, the color of the fur varies between black and brown, have thick fur and rather long under the neck and shoulders (manly), at the bottom of the tail (females).
c) Sheep Tail Fat
Have a description of the shape of a long tail, thick, big, and getting to the end of getting little; has no horns; most colorful, dad white, but the child that are colorful, dad black or tan.
d) the Sheep’s Tail is Thin
Have the traits of a body that small, tail relatively small and thin, feathers, colorful, dad white, not horned (female), horned small and circular (manly).

D. Selection of seed.
Seeds of a goat or sheep would be good for pengggemukan is as follows :
1. age between 8 months – 1 year.
2. The size of the body’s normal, healthy, fur clean and shiny, the back and waist straight.
3. The four straight legs, sturdy and the heel looks high.
4. There is no defect on the part of the body, not blind.
5. Nose clean, eyes sharp and clean as well as the anus clean.

E. The Like Maintenance
5.1 Perkandangan
Generally the type of cage on cattle, goat and sheep is shaped stage. Construction cage made a stage where under the floor of the cage are under to accommodate shit. With any under the work to avoid kebecekan and in direct contact with the ground can be infected the disease. The floor of the cage is elevated between 0.5 – 2 m. The feed can be pinned on the wall. The height of the feed for the goats and sheep are different. The feed for the goats made a little high, approximately sebahunya because of the goat eating leaves perdu.

For Sheep, the bottom of the feed is horizontal with the floor of the cage because of sheep grazing. The floor of the cage made of wooden boards or parts of the bamboo are arranged with a distance of 2-3 cm. Thus, shit and piss easy to fall in the under, while tracak/feet of goat and sheep is not easy crashed and got stuck stuck.

The Size Of The Cage :

Children : 1 X 1,2 m /2 tail (loose sapih),
Manly mature : 1,2 X 1,2 m/ tail
Virgin/ Female adult :1 X 1,2 m /tail
Parent and child of 1.5 X of 1.5 m/mother + 2 kids

The bottom under the cage was dug as deep as ±20 cm to the side and 30-50 cm in the middle section as well as made me a channel to the penampung shit. The dirt can then proceed to become manure. And it’s got to be the cage must awake kebersihannya so that the cattle, goat and sheep’s healthier because it’s not easy having the disease.

5.2 Feed
The main common given the following forage fresh, like grass, legum(leaf lamtoro and turi, etc.) or aneka forage (leaves singkong who have protein high enough), leaves nangka and leaves jiblonkas). Special legume and aneka forage before given to cattle should dilayukan first 2-3 hours under the scorching sun to eliminate the toxins that exist in the forage area.

Besides feed forage, it can also be coupled with the feed solid or concentrate. The kind that can be used is bekatul, the dregs know, ketela tree (minced first). The kind of the feed is relatively cheap and easily purchased anywhere. The feed concentrate it will give a donation big enough to meet the needs of nutrisinya. The needs of each tail approximately 3 pounds per day with the composition of 40% berkatul 40% pulp and 20% ketela tree.

Technique gift concentration are advised not along with forage, because the feed got the power to digest and trace nutrients that different forages. The amount of gifts concentration about 3 kg/tail/day.