Steps Successful Ranching Goats1. Select and use a good Goat Breeds:

a. female Seeds:
– 8 – 12 months
– Healthy, no defects
– Able to conform to the condition of the feed available
– If possible descendant of twins and were able to go forth 2-3 tail
in every birth
– Able to give birth to 3 times in 2 years and 7 months

b. the male Seed:
– 8 – 12 months
– Healthy, no defects
– Feet strong and not twisted
– Body shape is long and flat backs
– The Chest wide and deep
– Strong body Muscles and solid

2. Give a good Feed
Goat feed consists of two types namely forage as feed and main amplifier
(concentrated) as an additional feed. Forage feed needs as much of 5 – 8 kg per fish
per day are given twice a day, while concentrates given 0.5 kg per fish per day
given 1-2 hours before the forage is given.
Drinking water given ad libitum (granting is not limited). Table salt or
mollases block should provided dikandang.
The type of forage:

a. herbaceous: Grass, grass, Elephant Grass, the grass Setaria Bengal etc.
b. beans: Gamal, Kaliandra, turi, sentrosema, stylosantes, Leucaena leucocephala, siratro, leaf
peanuts, soy etc.
c. Leaves: leaves of jackfruit, mangkokan, avocados etc.
d. agricultural Waste: the waste vegetables, cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, banana leaves etc.

Avoid granting young forage, if forced to use should be under-anginkan for a minimum of 12 hours to avoid the occurrence of bloat (bloating) in goats.

Amplifier Type:
-. The waste of agriculture and agro-industries: bran, Bran, coconut for cake, dregs know, skin
cocoa etc.
3. Create an enclosure that qualify
A good Coop terms include:
– A separate minimum is 5 – 7 metres from homes ‘ residential buildings
– The Model stage
– Air flow/good air circulation
– Dry and not moist
– Easy handling feces and urine
Enclosure size:
– The goat: 1.2 x 1.5 m2 per fish
– Adult female Goats: 1.2 x 1.2 m2 per fish
– Goat dara: 1 x 1.2 m2 per fish
– Children: 1 x 1.2 m2 per fish
4. Keep the Goat with good Health
The principle of preventing is better than cure must be a handle for the breeder.
Some kind of disease that often attacks the untuk masalah harga kambing aqiqah bervariasi, Harga Aqiqah Murah goats among others: intestinal worms, scabies
(scabies), orf, eye pain, bloating (bloat) and timpani.

Because it’s very possible there’s no direct relation mutton with sufferers of stroke or hypertension. It could be that the information was accidentally well-thumbed and misled, because sheep and goats are the most important livestock animal is mentioned in the Holy Book the Koran.

There are four cattle that are mentioned in the book of the Koran and a highly recommended, yakno sheep, goats, camels, and cattle. So the cow or heifer called the very end, but the most widely recommended consumed by Western scientists. While the goat is not recommended.

Because it developed a goat or sheep is becoming a nice solution to overcome the crisis. There must be keguyuban the Muslims rise up together developed the goats and planting fruit trees, to make a profit and get out of the crisis