The bread is home-based, business in the House that Seductive – the history of bread making is derived from the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, originally just Mix flour and water. Different types of bread found in different countries. The bread was already a favorite food in Indonesia either in the village or in the city, even from small children to adults.


The current bread has become a commercial commodity. There are made by large companies and some are made at home aliased home scale. In Indonesia, many also opened a home breads. Start of production of 500 loaves of bread per day to thousands, some use the bread machine and some are still wearing traditional hand to manipulate the dough the bread. Micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) this is the first in 1998 when the monetary crisis occurred survived from bankruptcy.

There are a few examples of people who have home-based bread business, including Ermaningsih (41) at Depok covered and Murtilina Amber (39) in Jakarta who covered KompasFemale.

Employers Home Bread
Ermaningsih started his business when her three children were already moving up and needs more and more but would like to still take care of the family. Initially, he produced 39 loaves of bread and dititip sell to existing stalls near her home. Because the bread is delicious and its products without preservatives, always sold out in stalls it. After that, gradually it increases its productionin liputan media of only 40 loaves of bread per day to 500 loaves of bread per day. He also bought a bread machine in order to make the production more quickly.

While Amber Murtilina started his business when he resigned from his job because it doesn’t fit with his interest. Starts from Idr 100,000 capital in 2009, he started his efforts rumahannya bread. When he was producing 1 kg of bread per day and continues to expand to 10 kg per day. This is because the bagel made without material pangawet, inexpensive and has several variations including coconut bread bread, chocolate, strawberries, green beans and bread pizza in zona jempol.

It turns out that despite the efforts of home, but omsetnya can the tens of millions. Moreover, this bread is favored by most people, ranging from young children.