The pillow is Comfortable Mom Pregnant | Pillow special Mother Pregnant and Suckling
a pillow specially made mother pregnant

The pillow is Comfortable Mom Pregnant special

Attacks back pain, it’s hard to sleep, To menghidarinya mother need ‘a special’ safe for mom’s pregnant.

Rest optimum very important in the pregnancy, Because kenyamaan mother pregnant can memengaruhi grow flower-the development fetus. Maternity pillow is a pillow specially mom pregnant designed to comfort mom got pregnant when resting and also for the mother breast-feed.

A special mother pregnant this is very useful to overcome the problems often experienced by women at the time of pregnancy like back pain and hip, sleep disorders, also useful to enhance the relaxation when the mother is pregnant to rest. Besides Maternity Pillow also handle changes the mood drastically that is often experienced by the mother was pregnant.

The benefits and uses of pillow maternity pillow for the mom pregnant;

Shore up the spine’s mother was pregnant at the time of feeding, reduce back pain on mom’s pregnant.
Reduce or eliminate the sense of sultry because the secretary of defense to use a pillow that’s too long and a lot of.
Protect and sustain the belly of mother was pregnant when the position of the bed.
Can use as a seat back for the head.
Handy for the seat back when the mother breast-feed or give asi to the baby.
Relieve the pressure on the abdomen, back, shoulder, neck, waist and legs when I sleep.
After your delivery, this pillow is a pillow sokongan are perfect for you and your baby when feeding.

Maternity Pillow pillow special mother pregnant

1. How to use a Maternity Pillow to sleep mom pregnant

Use Maternity Pillow to the correct position according to design.
The shape of U on the curve used to cushion the head, while on the left side or the right to dijepit between the heel as a crutch the brisket or perutcara use maternity pillow for the mom pregnant

2. How to use Maternity Pillow for the mom nursed or lean

Choose a place and position feels like maybe to feed or member ASI
Use Maternity Pillow to the correct position in accordance with the design
Put a pillow the mother was pregnant, right under Your arms so that both elbows You can lean
Put the baby in right and put the baby on one side of the pillow
Put on the position comfortable so that the mouth and nose of the baby can face the putt*ng milk without You have to menolehkan his head.

How To Choose A Special Pillow For Expectant Mother

In order for the burden of the special pungbantal the bagusgung of pregnant women, the waist, and the neck can be withheld to the maximum, choose this special pillows that match the size of the shape of the body of the mother, if the mother wanted a pillow can give support in the stomach when sleeping with the leaning position, select pillow type contains snoggle mother because this type of pillow can be placed between your knees to improve the alignment of the legs and hips.