Cholesterol lowering the quickest fruit

from pondo kesehat – Cholesterol-lowering the quickest fruit – mostly due to Cholesterol diet and unhealthy lifestyle, love to consume fast food, instant food, drink alcoholic minumban, lazy to exercise.

It all is the behavior of people living today, it might have been a trend among certain circles.

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Cholesterol is a chronic disease that may pose a risk to other diseases include stroke, heart failure, heart attack, all diseases are diseases that mostly cause death.

the quickest fruit lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol because too large number of fats in the blood, these fats are saturated fats that are difficult to untangle in the blood if that fat gradually buried in the natural blood vessels so blood could not flow smoothly can be at risk of the occurrence of stroke and high blood pressure.

In fact, cholesterol is also very important for the body that is used to build cell walls and also helps the formation of the hormone in the body,

But if cholesterol levels in the blood also affects excessive negative for health. Inside our body terapat two kinds of cholesterol we know i.e. LDL and HDL.

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LDL (low density lipoprotein) this is the bad cholesterol that is not good for your health, if the LDL in the blood is increased, it will cause plaque in blood vessels and cause blockage of blood vessels.

HDL (high density lipoprotein) this is the good cholesterol that are useful to the body, if the HDL levels increase then it will mengkonveri the fat soluble vitamin so very good for health.

the quickest fruit that can lowering Cholesterol

There are a variety of methods for lowering cholesterol levels in the body, one example is by consuming fruits.

Below is a Cholesterol-lowering Most fruit is faster.


Avocados have an awful lot of fat content in it but the fat content in the fruit of the avocado are unsaturated fats that are good for the body.

Consume fruit avocados regularly can lower LDL in the body because there was avocado in unsaturated fats which can function as an antioxidant which helps keep blood vessels from the buildup of cholesterol.

The content of flavonoid compound that is efficacious production nearly menghampat cholesterol levels in the blood so that it can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Consuming apples as much as twice a day can be menunrunkan the levels of LDL in the blood by as much as 40%. In Apple fruit also contains beta glucan which helps to control cholesterol production and absorption of cholesterol in the body.


The tomato is the fruit of the cholesterol-lowering next. Within the compound there were tomatoes, likopen resemblance member red on ripe tomatoes.

The function of this is efficacious likopen compounds to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. In tomato fruits also contain vitamin B and potassium that are able to lower their cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.