No question about it, got a good job, with an enticing salary, is the dream of many people, and one way is by the medapatkannya working on cruise ships. Can the streets free, got a lot of friends from other parts of the world, paid USD, who do not want sich? But how do I get it? How to process? Indeed, all need the process and struggles, but with enough determination, confidence and hard work, all can definitely come true!!! of all that process, the interview became a scary Specter for the job seeker, correct?? dikesempatan this time I will share in jombang Tips to success Interview Work in hotels or cruise ships to PAL Hotelier all.

Penginapan di jombang murahThese are all things to consider when Working at the Hotel Interview or a cruise ship,

1. Grooming or Tidy appearance.
As Hospitallity worker, we know that grooming is the identity to sell our services, then from that grooming is a factor which we must presentasikan on the Interviewer. Make sure the clothes you’re wearing clean, neat/not tangled, and fragrant. to maintain appearance we look fresh, for men, make sure you shave before the interview, use hair oils, perfumes, and breath fresheners for your smokes. Similarly, for women, note the neatness of your hair, hair neatly tied to a more accentuate You ladies that are sprightly, energetic and active in their work.

2. Modesty and Body Language
Job Interview success tips in a Hotel or cruise ship next is Body Language, or the attitude of the body. In the Hospitality Industries, Body language is also a great influence on the success or failure of the interview, as many menialai Interviewer of decency, ethics and work ethic of Your Body language. As an example, when an Interview you sit leaning casually, it reflects the Slacker, rather neglected their jobs, lack of responsiveness or workmanlike, and it all was the bad image that should be avoided by the job seeker. Then how our Body language at the time of the interview? For more defined his Let’s review step by step, body language during the interview.

a. Tap the door 3 times slowly and politely, ask for permission to enter to the room, never entered the room when the interviewer has not yet invited You in.

b. walk to a table with Interviewer strapping and steady steps. Give the impression with a smile! Focus your gaze on the Interviewer, not on the perimeter, room decor, looking towards the floor or looked down, and more, because it’s not making you look confident.

c. the interviewer hands handshake with a steady, not too squeezed but not too limp, is presenting You the flexible but Spry and agile in the works.

d. Answer politely and smile when You greet the first interviewer, if not feel free to say hello first, it shows You are friendly and enthusiastic.

e. Take the Chair and sitting position. Stand to the right of your Chair, when interviewer invited you sit, that’s the time we could sit, if not, ask for permission. Do not drag your Chair, lift when possible. Take sitting position from the front seat, not from the side and then rotate the position of the body and legs. Sitting with an upright position, you should put your hands on your thighs, or on the edge of the desk in front of you, not in the pockets of the pants or folding the hands.

f. contact Eyes must remain guarded during the interview instead of looking around or other.

3. Please answer honestly.
Most of the interviewer has a lot or a little psychology had knowledge about the science of psychologists, whether obtained from special training or experience of their mengintervew many people. Exactly they can tell when you’re lying or speaking honestly. Bekali yourself with the knowledge of the hotel or restaurant that you will find a reference of lamar, the internet or other sources, or read a list of questions when the Interview work in Hospitality to give ideas.

4. use polite Language
Rehearse and prepare yourself before the interview process, prepare reviews about yourself, your work history-when there are any, and choose the language of polite, e.g. the use of ‘ can you ‘ would be more polite when using the ‘ would you like ‘. Don’t forget, use the Past tense to describe things that already happened, i.e., graduate school, previous work experience, etc.

5. Thank you and hope
Closing the interview, the interviewer handshake once again, thank you for your time and the opportunity that has been given, and tell us your expectations in brief, dense and clear. example, thank you so much for this opportunity and I wish I get positive response immedirtly.

and the last, and should also be done at the beginning of the intervew was conditioned supplications, because it could put a damper on nervous and mental/spiritual power and do not get late huh? give the estimated time approximately 40 minutes to refresh your appearance.