Vitamins blood Booster & vegetables for pregnant women

Anemia or less blood is a condition in which the levels of red blood cells or protein binding of oxygen and carbon dioxide (hemoglobin) are below the normal amount. The body will give the response of symptoms of anemia, which is characterised by the body quickly tired, pale, and easily dizzy after sitting too long.

Anemia in pregnant women is a reasonable thing to happen in the first trimester pregnancy. However when not immediately dealt with anemia can affect less good for the health of the mother’s pregnancy and fetal development.

Food sources of blood booster for pregnant women

Vit Enhancer blood of pregnant women

Anemia in pregnant women due to a lack of iron, folic acid, and some vitamins such as A, B12, and C. As for other causes of anemia on pregnant women such as excessive bleeding when menstruation. Very vulnerable pregnant women exposed to anemia, due to the need of iron on while pregnant will increase, and the body doesn’t store enough iron.

How to cope with anemia on pregnant women who are most easily is by consuming foods that contain lots of vitamins blood booster, can of veggies, nuts, seafood, fruit, and more.

Foods that contain lots of iron and vitamins for example: green vegetables, red meat, cereals, eggs and beans where in these foods are beneficial supplement for pregnant women’s blood.
Fruits that contain low blood Vitamin Supplement for pregnant women

Multiply the consumption of fruits that contain vitamin A, C, or B complex (especially B12). The following fruits that contain vitamin A, C, and B complex vitamins blood booster as the alternative for pregnant women;

Dragon Fruit

Vegetables are recommended for Anemia on mother Pregnant

Vegetables vegetable is also a source of iron and vitamins which is useful to prevent anemia. Here’s a couple vegetables which you recommended consumed as penambah blood to mother pregnant.

Vegetables is also a as a vegetable green for a mother was pregnant and suffering from anemia. The woman before entering the phases of the menstrual it’s good to eat vegetables spinach for backup pembentuk of red blood cells until the time her period arrived.


Vegetables that contain substances green (chlorophyil) is also required by the suffering from anemia if you want to be healed. You could try vegetable sawi green or sawi white. In it not only contains vitamins A, B, and C are effectively regenerate hemoglobin, but also mengantongi a lot of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and potassium is good for the mother is pregnant.

Leaves Katuk

Plants green is also berkhasiat as penambah blood, because be the source of the substances of iron and of phosphorus are also very good for the formation of bones.
Green Beans

Green beans can handle less blood because in it there were a lot of saturation of the iron. Green beans can also take care of disorders of the health as noncontact, digestive, and neurological abnormality.

Nuts Almonds

Seeds almonds or nuts almonds are rich in the iron that can mengoptimalkan pengedaran blood in the body. To fulfill the need of iron daily, You just need one ounce of nuts almonds every day.

Peas Dry

Just like every other nuts, peas have the value of nutrition is very rich. It’s high protein and the form of vitamins and minerals too. Peas differ from beans. Beans have higher calcium and phosphorus and peas offer a lower level of them but they provide the same level of protein and carbs